For Sports Teams

Protection To Perform in Safety

All athletes should have the protection they need from heat.
Sadly, it is becoming all too common to hear of tragic incidents during games or practices on the playing field. These events shock and devastate communities. One of ColdVest’s top priorities is to ensure such terrible loss is prevented.

It’s crucial to create conditions for our student athletes to perform and train in security and safety. Even, and especially when, the outside environment is not safe.

Every athletic facility that serves children, students and athletes of all ages should be prepared with ColdVest. Keep it close to outside environments that are exposed to extreme heat and sun. Have it at the ready for the first signs of heat illness or heat exhaustion. Your community is counting on you to be prepared.


Sports are competitive, and becoming increasingly so. Parents and schools care more and more about young people performing on the field. Scholarships are important to a young person's path. Therefore, competition can get intense, and the motivation to push past dangerous boundaries becomes understandable.


Schools and universities, municipalities, sports clubs, summer camps, basically any organization that fosters environments for young people to play hard can greatly benefit from the safety having ColdVest around can provide.

Furthermore, sports practices and events are fluid in their locations: games can be scheduled last minute on random fields far from familiar facilities.

Saftey that is built to travel

ColdVest is easily portable; its designed to be taken with the team as they travel. ColdVest works with small children too. Often it’s assumed younger kids don’t feel the heat as drastically as older people do. ColdVest is here to protect children of all ages.

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For The New Normal

The world is getting hotter. It is ColdVest’s mission to provide technology that alleviates suffering for the new environmental normal.