Protection from heat stroke anywhere, anytime by anyone

ColdVest is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Discover ColdVest: Emergency heatstroke treatment

Introducing ColdVest, the only emergency heatstroke treatment device that requires no ice, no power and no refrigeration. ColdVest is a reliable safeguard against the dangers of heatstroke. It is portable, easy to deploy, gets cold fast and stays cold for up to an hour.

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Take action now for ultimate heatstroke protection

When heatstroke strikes, every second counts. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Equip yourself with ColdVest today and ensure immediate relief in any heatstroke emergency. Click below to purchase your ColdVest or schedule a call with our sales team to learn more about how ColdVest can be a life-saving addition to your safety protocols.

Why ColdVest?

ColdVest is the only emergency heatstroke treatment device that requires no ice, no refrigeration and no power. It is portable and can be stored anywhere at any temperature. When an ice bath is not available ColdVest is the only solution. Discover the cutting-edge technology and benefits that makes ColdVest an essential part of your heat safety program.


Portable / Can be stored anywhere at almost any temperature

ColdVest weighs less than 10 lbs. and comes in an easy to carry, easy to open, water resistant vinyl bag. ColdVest can be stored in almost any conditions, making it the only solution when ice and/or refrigeration are not available.


Patented cooling technology

Just add water. ColdVest's patented cooling technology gets cold fast and stays cold for up to an hour.


Fast and easy to use

ColdVest can be deployed by anyone in less than 3 minutes, offering swift relief from heat stroke symptoms.


Reduce body temperature in minutes

ColdVest can lower core body temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit in under 30 minutes.


Stays cold for up to an hour

Coldvest is engineered for durability and high-performance. ColdVest remains cold for up to an hour after activation for core body cooling.


No Ice and no refrigeration

Unlike ice baths and ice sheets, ColdVest requires no ice, refrigeration or electricity.

How ColdVest Works.

ColdVest can be deployed by anyone in just a few easy steps, delivering critical cooling when it matters most.

Step 1
Remove ColdVest form its package and lay it on the ground.
Step 2
Fill bladder with water or any liquid 
(approximately 3 Liters)
Step 3
Connect bladder to vest with Quick Connect fastener
Step 4
Roll bladder starting from the bottom to quickly fill ColdVest with water
Step 5
Place ColdVest over the torso of the affected person

Who can benefit from ColdVest?

ColdVest is for anyone who works or plays outdoors. From athletes to workers, concert goers and beyond, discover how ColdVest provides essential heatstroke protection for a variety of industries and activities.

Schools & Colleges

Ensure student's health and safety during outdoor activities, practices, and sports events.


Keep your athletes safe with a fast, portable solution for emergency heat stroke relief.


On-the-go, portable, effective heatstroke management in the field and training.

Outdoor workers

Protect your employees with a rapid, life-saving solution in heat-related emergencies.


Safety from heatstroke for all your guests and audience members.

As we improve our heat safety protocols, ColdVest is a critical emergency device when there is no access to ice.

James Shannon McNeill
McNeill Labor

In these remote environments, I think [ColdVest] is a bit of a game changer.

Dan Rose
Manager Clinical Hub and Triage Operations
St. John's Ambulance

These vests are effective. They do keep our temperature down.

Dr. Mark Duncan-Smith
Board Chair, AMA WA
Australian Medical Association

As someone who prioritizes the health and safety of our community, I am impressed by the ingenuity behind ColdVest. It offers a practical solution to a serious problem, especially in areas where access to electricity or refrigeration may be limited.

Nick Melvoin
Board Member
Los Angeles Unified School District

This is a life-saving piece of technology that can be employed to a heat casualty in a very short amount of time.

Special Operations Forces
Heat stoke in the news

Heat-related risks and regulations are “the new normal”

Heat-related tragedies are a growing concern. Let's address them together.


Find answers to crucial questions on ColdVest and heatstroke management in our brief yet informative FAQ section. Here, we cover essential information about ColdVest's patented technology, deployment procedures, and critical heat-oriented safety knowledge. Stay prepared and confident in the face of extreme heat with our helpful FAQ insights.

Is ColdVest safe for all age groups?

Yes, ColdVest is designed to be safe and effective for all age groups, making it suitable for use in schools, sports teams, and family settings.

How can I get more information or assistance with ColdVest?

You can book a call with our sales team or contact us directly through our website for more information and assistance. We are here to help you integrate ColdVest into your heat safety protocols.

Can ColdVest be used for events and large gatherings?

Yes, ColdVest is ideal for use at concerts, sports events, and other large gatherings where the risk of heat stroke is higher due to crowds and high temperatures.

Where can I purchase ColdVest?

You can purchase ColdVest directly from our website. Click on the "Buy Now" button to place your order.


Still have any questions?

At ColdVest, we're committed to providing the most accessible and effective emergency heat stroke treatment. If you still have questions or require assistance in determining how ColdVest can address the needs, don't hesitate to reach out. Join us on our mission to prevent heat related illness and death. Make ColdVest part of your team’s heat safety program today.