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Rapid Core Body Cooling Vest

Rapid Heat Stroke Treatment

ColdVest is the only remote point-of-care heat stroke treatment device that requires no power and no refrigeration.

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ColdVest is a patented device that is designed to provide rapid core body cooling in the event of heat stroke or heat related illness. 

We are on a Mission to Prevent Heat Related Illness & Death

Rapid Core Body Cooling Vest


Cooling Vest

& Connector

ColdVest is comprised of a two-part system: an endothermic cooling vest and a separate water container which connects to the vest and activates internal chemicals. It can be deployed in minutes.  

“ColdVest is a recommended first response to aid in the immediate lowering of core body temperature while transporting the patient to primary care”

Korey Stringer Institute, University of Connecticut


“This is a life-saving piece of technology that can be employed to a heat casualty in a very short amount of time.”

US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations

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